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Journey to the End of the South Bay

20 September, 2010

The following pictures are taken from a day trip that I made two weeks ago to Santa Cruz. Though it was a weekday, and there wasn’t a soul out nor a ride operating at the boardwalk I was able to have a great time soaking in some of the sign work that this beach community has to offer.  Below are a few examples.

“This way to the beach” …and the rest of the blog post…

The window facing the sun has seen a few too many winters.  However this gem is still holding strong.

The Sky Glider!

The classic Neptune's Kingdom. I've loved this for as long as I can remember

Neptune’s Kingdom: A favorite of mine for as long as I can remember.

Grandma had nothing but nice things to say that day.

This ghostie was a silk screened sign.

Speaking of ghosts… We all concluded our day trip with a self-guided tour around the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose.  Here’s the painted sign to prove it. If you haven’t gone, I highly suggest it.  Just doing the FREE self-guided garden tour is incredible.

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