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6 July, 2010

Welcome, in Mandarin (I'm told...), a work-in-progress by apprentice/co-worker, Aaron Cruse, back lately from a year-plus sojourn in Taipei. It's meant to serve, as it does in Taiwan, in the place of an "open for business" sign.

The slumbering giant awakes! After pretty much neglecting our web presence for most of the past ever, we’re finally (and, I hope, with a lot of continued help) putting a concerted effort into generating a useful stream of interesting and attractive stuff related to hand-painted signs and lettering, and whatever else is transpiring in life at New Bohemia.

I’ve enlisted a friend, Rani, to co-ordinate our efforts, and I’m nudging our assembled NBS peeps to (as I understand we say in the web business) generate content.  We’re actually on Facebookit’s true!–and would you believe: we tweet!  Okay, so maybe it’s me who doesn’t hardly believe it… but regardless: I’m gonna keep yappin’ and snappin’, and postin’ and hostin’…  er, I think “hosting” means something different online.  I mean “hosting”, as in a party, so, um, you’re invited!  Tell your friends!  I’ll go see if I can find some appropriate music…

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