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The sign shop has entered the woods…

23 June, 2008

My office manager, Scott, has this theory he picked up from a client of ours somewhere, that attaching a blog to our website will generate a lot of traffic/bizness/notoriety/somesuch-desirable-effect.  Of course, no one has speculated much on what the blog will entail, how it will be fed, who will feed it…  So, I just created this, and figger I’ll do with it as I will, and if it seems like more should be done, I’ll figger which trigger needs pulling.

I guess I have some vague notion that reporting on what’s happening at the sign shop will make me more conscious of my stake in making it happen, kick up a sense of purpose, an appreciation of the responsibilities that come with talent, ownership, apprenticeship/mastery, etc. — all of which (sense of purpose and responsibility and will to action) I sorely lack.

Heigh ho!  Let’s go! I’ve tried in the past to instill a desire to blog, with the same goals in mind, to no avail.  Of course, I never bothered to tell anyone about it, for fear of having to blog more.  I’ll see how long I can keep up the same tactic here before I have to tell Scott, or someone else at the shop, what’s up.

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  1. Cool Hand permalink
    22 June, 2009 23:49

    …Yo D! What year is it now?, you haven’t blogged since 2008! …Or do you have another secret blog location? I’d do it but your much more eloquent than I. Keep it up! I need some material for my upcoming tell all expose on SF sign painters and the lives they live.

    PS I’m hitting up the skatepark tomorrow so I’ll be coming in late. …and if you find a pair of girls underwear in the bathroom, they’re mine. …I mean they are actually mine, they’re men’s bikini briefs, don’t ask.

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